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Love is pain............................
Saturday, February 8, 2014 | 0 comments
Chanyeol: "Hey! This cute namja is mine! Forever mine"

Love is pain. Say good bye. I was just walking blankly. You just left me like this. How can you end this? How could you walk away, I can only cry. I’m going crazy. I’m crazy crazy crazy. I hate you, so much. I’m not going to see you ever again. Aren’t you even sorry? I forgave you even when you cheated on me with another girl.

Be my Love. Baby wont you stay with me? I’m just sitting here, and I remember you. I hate you so much. Please help me, anyone. I'm falling in you. I love you too much to escape from it. I’m falling in you. I try everything I can to shake you off of me. The sky falls on me when I think 
that I can’t see you from now on. I’m falling in you.

I can’t live. I sit at our usual spot in the coffee shop we always used to go to the time we always used to meet. I wait for you, just in case you come right now. I wait, and you don’t come. I just cry.Separation should be liveable. But it makes me suffer until I faint. For the first time, a hole went through my heart. I'm falling in you. You can ever love alone. I’m falling in you. I hate you but I can’t forget. What should I do? 
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