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The real reason we broke up
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | 3 comments

The real reason we broke up. I wonder if you know. Although right now, you probably don't care at all. The more I understood you, the farther away you got. You didn't even get angry like before. The more you tried, the more boring you and I got. It was just the heart fluttering that I wanted. It was just the beginning that you looked at me. There is no real reason why we broke up. You just didn’t love me. There’s no other reason. 

You just never loved me. Now everything is clear. The real reason I loved you. You probably don’t know. Yes, if you did know You wouldn’t have left me so easily. You dreamed of a new love. I dreamed of an eternal love. The things we looked at were so different, you and I.

Each of us wrote of a different love. Each of our ends remain in a different way. There’s no reason for me to forget you completely. If I’m to be left alone here anyway.I’ll stay a bit longer. I had a bad dream. That I fell for you, who came back to me once again. That I accepted you, who just came back however you wanted.

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