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This feeling
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 | 0 comments
You’re the Romeo that I think about. Till when are you gonna make me anxious? My heart is burning up. Please tell me love. I try to look pretty by putting on makeup. I put on the clothes you liked and came out. To look better, I even cut my long straight hair short. Do you know? 
Why are you smiling at me? My heart is shaking again. Do you love me too? Do you feel the same way? Because when I fall in love, I know that feeling. Because I feel my heart fluttering. Because I know it will hurt when I fall in love. I’m afraid and I can’t even talk. 
What to do? Because it hurts. If you know how I feel, please tell me first. Because of you, because I’m sad. Is it just me? At your short text, asking if I got home alright. My heart is racing again. What are you doing this weekend? Did you eat? What are you asking me those things? 
I think to myself that this isn’t right hundreds of times a day. But then I still look around me. I wait as I spend the whole day. Hoping to hate you several times. It confuses me like hellish whirlwind. Hurry and tell me. Don’t tell me why. I have a lot of fear, I have a lot of tears. Why don’t you know this? Stop shaking me up. Hurry and tell me so I won’t hurt anymore. 
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