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Prefect dinner
Thursday, October 10, 2013 | 0 comments

こんにちは!안녕하세요! I'm just back from school. Prefect dinner maa. And i enjoyed damn muchhhhh! Seriously I can't forget this moment. I wore casual look yes because I love simple dress up.

Haha. Cakap bahasa melayu je boleh kan? Elly pakai baju putih polka dots hitam then black jeans with my heels :) lol flat heels ^^ and a bit black eyeliner and mascara ^^. I wore white colour because of someone's opinion. He gave me many tips to go to dinner lol >.< At first, he said Wearing red is better. When I said I already wore red last year, he suddenly said White. White is pure. Looks like princess. lol so i wear white laaaa -.-

I'm a lilttle bit tired. Tomorrow i am going to school arghhhhh I LOVE SCHOOL >.< I must return back text books. it's tooooo heavy. How can I bring it to school? nobody helps me :< i am alone laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >.<

Tomorrow that 'long' boy want to talk to me about something. I can't wait. Yes just 3 days I play with love. But now just only 2 days left. Tomorrow (friday) and Next week (wed) lol. This is my second time playing with love HAHAHAH

Okay bye i gonna sleep ^^ Have nice dream everyone :) 

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