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[1]Question by Followers
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 | 0 comments

こんにちは!こんばんは!Now PMR is over! National examination is OVER! Now I'm back to answer all your question from my blogger followers and twitter followers. sorry for being late ^^

1) [I/D] Yana Haneiz: How old are you?
Answer: I am 15 years old but i look young ^^

2) [I/D] Iman Ikmal: How's your PMR?
Answer: Yes it's good. HAHAHAHAHA :D

3) [I/D] EXO XiuHan: Are you was born in Japan?
Answer: No. I was born in Johor. My bio is just for fun ^^ Sorry

4) [I/D] HunHans Lover: Dalam dewan awak duduk dekat mana?
Answer: Baris ke dua, tempat ke 4 dari belakang -.-

5) [I/D] B1A4s Heart: Bestfriend yang paling awak sayang?
Answer: Shafierra Armiella Bt Shafiee

6) [I/D] Chanyeol Lover: you bias in EXO?
Answer: HAHAHAHA It was Kai and Chanyeol ^^

7) [I/D] Haneyzz Honey: What will you do after PMR?
Answer: I will~~~~~~~~~~~ Stay at home ^^

8) [I/D] Sarah Humairah: PMR candidate? Sama!
Answer: Yes ^^

9) [I/D] Hamrul Dawson: Study smart for your PMR!
Answer: Thanks ^^

10) [I/D] Ay_99: Good Luck for you exam unnie! 
Answer: Thank you saenggie~~

Sorry I can't answer all the questions today. It's too many questions i got >.< more than 50 :( I will answer all your question on the next day when I have free time! Keep asking me! i will answer your question honestly :D

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