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#Kpop Imagine EXO- Part 2
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Kai and you shook hands and he gave you a wide smile. Then, he offered you to take a seat and Luhan passed the cup of water to you. You took a sip place it on the table nearest to you without taking your eyes off the television. Luhan whispered into your ears saying that he would very much like to introduced you to the rest. Your jaw dropped immediately. He chuckled when he saw your shocked expression. You held his hand tightly as you were very nervous. He walked towards one of the many rooms and opened the door. Kai pouted "All of them went to support Boa unnie while I'm stuck at home watching the television with my sprained ankle." Luhan then replied "Oh yes! How forgetful I am." He skipped towards the sofa and say beside you. He hasn't told Kai that you had to stay overnight at their place. You started hinting to Luhan and he had a blank expression until you showed somehow an I-don't-have-keys-to-my-home hand signs. He turned to Kai and started sorting out the matter. Kai then said "I think some of us would share rooms with the other members for the time being. You'll have a room to yourself." You blinked and took a few seconds to absorb what he said. When the other members came back, they were startled by your existence but they were all very friendly after a while. When Luhan introduced you to them, they all had a wide smile. The next day, Luhan brought you to a key shop and told person what happened. When the three of you arrived at your doorstep, the person changed the locker and unlocked your door. Luhan took our his wallet and paid the person. Then, you invited Luhan inside and you ran for your bed and shouted "Home sweet home!" Luhan peeped into your room at the door of your bedroom. He said "May I enter?" "Of course you may." You replied. He stepped into your room and you signaled for him to have a seat on your bed with you. As you were trying to get up from your lying position, he pulled you up gently. He then whispered "I was wondering if we could take this relationship into a new level..." You looked at him and blushed. "Erm, I -" Before you could even finish your sentence, he planted a kiss on your lips. After his release, you nodded and hugged him as he carried you up.

-The end-
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