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#Kpop Imagine EXO- Part 1
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You were at a CD shop looking through albums. Suddenly, a mysterious guy pulled your bag and ran away. You ran after the guy and accidentally tripped. You were bleeding profusely. A guy from the crowd carried you up and rushed you to the nearby hospital. Soon, you fainted and when you woke up, you saw the guy that brought you to the hospital. You asked for his name and he said "Just call me Luhan." You agreed. The doctor came in to examine your injured leg and said that you're able to leave now. He helped you to get up and he heard your stomach growling. He asked "Hungry? Hahahaha." Embarrassed, you said "Yes" and blushed. He carried you down the stairs as the lift was down. "Why are you willing to help me, a stranger?" you asked casually. He replied "I like to help people and I really despise thefts, alot." You felt the vibration from your pocket and you drew out your phone. You took a glance at it and said "Great, battery flat." He chuckled. You took out your wallet from the other pocket and realized you didn't have much money left. You sighed. He then asked "What happen?" You replied "My phone battery is flat. I don't have enough money with me now. The thief took my whole bag and my house keys are inside too. I can't go home now! I'm homeless. I can't do anything and the worst is, I stay alone, no one has another pair of keys!" You started crying. He then place you down on the chair and walked in front of you. He kneeled down in front of you and wiped away your tears. He said "Don't worry... I'll think of a way for you. Let's go grab a bite first." He then carried you up again and walked to the nearest restaurant. He ordered tuna sandwich and watched you eat. You asked curiously "You're not eating?" He shook his head. You offered him and he took a bite. "See, you're hungry too." you said. He replied "It's nothing." You fed him another mouth full and he smiled. After you were done eating, he helped you up again. He choked out "You... can stay at my place for the time being, I'll help you find someone who can opened your house door." You didn't know how to thank him so you just smiled to him shyly. He looked at you and smiled back. When you reached the doorstep of his house, you hesitated because you saw so many shoes outside. He said "Nah, it's okay. They're all very friendly. Don't worry." You said "Are you sure?" He nodded with a smile. He opened the gate and held your hand. He stepped into the house and you saw a guy sitting on the couch. You looked at Luhan and wanted to leave but he grabbed your hand so tightly. He pulled you forward and asked you to sit on the couch while he went to get a cup of water for you. Suddenly the person sitting on the couch turned to look at you. You avoided the eye contact by looking at the television. Luhan then came out of the kitchen. He said "Oh I forgot to introduce. This is Kai hyung. He's older than me by afew months." He then told him your name to him and smiled.

-to be continued-

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