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#IMAGINE: Triangle Love -Part 5 [LAST]
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The three of you were out for shopping. You all were waiting for the bus. It was raining heavily. Just then Chanyeol's phone rang and he got a
little separated to receive the call. As he left, Kai grabbed your hand. His hands were really warm. You felt a little awkward when he suddenly
grabbed your hand. He cleared his throat.
"[Y/N]-ah you know I wanted to tell you something since a really long time."
"What is it?"
"Well it's just that I kind of..."
He was interrupting after each word.
"Yah Kai what is it? Just say---"
Your incomplete sentence was interrupted by Kai's peck on your lips.
Your eyes wide open, you were shocked. You were processing the details in your brain.
He pulled back then. His texture changed to a shade of pink and so did your's.
"I love you, [Y/N]"
You just could not reply. You were amazed.
He was waiting for your reply.
"Ummm... Kai what did you just say?"
He smirked and pulled you in closer saying, "I said I love you."
"Really? I love you too Kai."
Both of you hugged each other tightly, he once again kissed you and this time you returned his kiss. You could feel warm vibes flowing through your
You were so damn happy.
 Chanyeol didn't seem to return. Kai called him but he didn't reply.
"Why isn't he picking up?" Kai said hanging up the phone.
"Did something happen?"
"May be Uhmma called him up for work. So let it be."
"Ahh... OK."


[At Kai and Chanyeol's place the same night]
You and Kai enterd the house.
 "Brother you home?"
Chanyeol didn't reply.
Then Kai entered Chanyeol's room. You stood out. But you could hear them speak.
He could see Chanyeol just lying over the bed.

"Bro I just called you out. Couldn't you reply?"
No response from Chanyeol again.
"Yah are you alright?"
"You love [Y/N]?" Chanyeol asked.
"Yea and guess what she loves me back."
"I saw you both kissing."
"Really? So is that why you didn't come back? That was so thoughtful brother. You didn't want to disturb us."
Chanyeol got up and pushed Kai towards the wall. *thud*
"Bro what's up?" Kai replied panickly.
"How can she love you? How can she love you? Was I not good enough for her? How can you do this to me brother? How can you take away my girl?"
You heard those words and they were ringing in your ears. Your heart sank. You never knew that Chanyeol loved you too.
"What? You love [Y/N]? Brother I didn't knew that but now she is mine." Kai replied.
"She is yours huh? She is mine only mine."
"Bro I can't take it anymore Kay. She is my girl so just drop it."
Chanyeol let loose of Kai and barged outside. He then saw you. You could see tears of anger all over his eyes. He then just walked out.
"I came in between two brothers." You mummbled to yourself.
You were miserable. You knew how much Chanyeol and Kai meant for each other and you were the reason of the anger between them.
You ran out of their place, tears of sorrow rolling down your cheeks. Though you heard them shout at each other, you knew how much they
must have hated fighting with each other.
 The happiest day of your life just turned into a miserable one.

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