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#IMAGINE: Triangle Love -Part 4
Friday, September 20, 2013 | 0 comments

You woke up, got ready for school. It was like the same ordinary days but you were excited today. And it was weird. You didn't know
why were you so excited. You were in a hurry to reach school. You got to school. You were in your classroom but still you had that
impatient feeling. As you were just sitting, listening to music, Kai entered and then your stomach lurched, your heart skipped a beat.
You didn't know what was wrong with you. You were just normal yesterday and suddenly today you had that feeling of impatience.
 Kai came up to you.
"Hey is this seat taken?" He said pointing the seat next to you.
You literally gulped, "No"
He smiled and sat right beside you. You could feel your heart thumping.
You then took out his note book and returned it to him.
"Thanks they were of great help."
"Yea I know. So like I can't lend you my notes everyday, so don't concentrate on me today, instead concentrate on the lecture." He said teasingly.
You could see Marie staring at the two of you.
"Yea right, I wasn't checking you out yesterday. So will you stop it already."
Just then the teacher entered.
The lecture started. You could not concentrate at all. The fact that Kai was sitting right beside you too overwhelming for you.

You got close with Kai. As you had gotten close with Kai the other guy; Chanyeol also got close with you. Though you hated Chanyeol as hell,
you knew that Chanyeol was a nice guy from the inside. You came to know this when you were saved by him when some thugs had tried to misbehave
with you. He hadd become the soft and kind guy just like Kai. You liked both of them. Both of them were great friends of yours. But
you were in love with Kai. You always craved for him but Chanyeol was only a best friend for you. The funny thing was both of them were brothers.
You were literally awed when you came to know about their brotherhood.

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