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#IMAGINE: Triangle Love -Part 3
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You are at home. You are unpacking your school bag and you see Kai's note copy. Seeing his note copy brings a round of flashback of what
had happened earlier at school. You turn his notes and you are once again awed by his perfect notes and handwriting. You compared
your's with his and you were like "damn shame on my handwriting". His was as perfect as his looks and manners.

[Kai's Part]
"Hey brother! How was school?"
"Well it was kind of fun."
"Haha really?"
"Yea, I met this girl and her name is--"
"Chanyeol, Kai will you two brothers stop chatting and help me with these boxes?" Mom shouted from inside the house.
"OK mom." Both of you speak out.


 [Your part]
You are at the grocery store. You are buying some household things. You are checking out the items and someone pushes you from behind.
You are on the ground. That guy moves ahead of you. You are angry at him. You get up and you rage at him.
The guy turns around. It was him, that guy from earlier this morning. You had seen him in the passing by car.
You completed your sentence, "---GISE"
He came up to you and he looked straight into your eyes. "Do even know who I am? You are just some commoner. So don't you just yell at me
like that. Do you get it?"
You hated him. The way he called you a commoner was unbearable.
"I don't care who the hell you are but by looking at your habits you ain't any great guy."
You left in rage after saying that.
Who the hell is he to talk with me like that. He's just good on the outside. Stupid, idiot.
You were cursing him as hell.
You reached home. You were really in a bad mood so you decided to go straight for bed. You were luying down on your bed.
Sleep was nowhere near you. You started thinking about that guy whom you had just met.
He is really, really, really handsome but if only he treated people with some respect he'd also be perfect like Kai.
What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I thinking about Kai and this other guy.
I really got to sleep.
You closed your eyes and by now sleep was hovering over you.

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