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#IMAGINE: Triangle Love -Part 2
Friday, September 20, 2013 | 0 comments

The class was over and you walked towards your locker to gather your materials for the next class. Then Kai walked up to you.
"Hey [Y/N] that is your name right?"
"Yea, how did you know?"
"Do you have a short term memo loss? The teacher just scolded you taking your name. Its obvious that I would know your name, isn't it?"
"Ah...Yea." You said looking down.
"Here take my notes." He said giving his note copy to you.
You were surprised. You widened your eyes. "Eh? Why are you giving me your notes?"
"Your eyes look real big when you widen them. They aren't as small as I thought they were." He said smiling.
You were damn confused. "Eh?"
"Just take my notes Kay. Weren't you busy checking me out during the lecture? So isn't it obvious that you don't have any notes. So just take mine
and return it to me tomorrow."
You blushed.
"What do you mean checking you out? I was looking at the at the at the----" You didn't know what to say.
The fact was you were actually checking him out.
He smiled. "You were looking at the--?"
Saying that he handed you his notes and left for his seat.
You were literally awed by his awesome attitude.


 It is lunch time and you get up to leave for the cafeteria. You reach at the door and as you are a really careless girl you didn't watch your step
and you slipped and you were about to fall then a long hand blocks you from falling. You turn around to see who it is and it's Kai.
You suddenly pull away from his hold.
"You should be more careful. You know, you could have really hurt yourself."
"Ah...Yea I know but that's just me. You know careless and clumsy. Anyways thanks for saving me."
"You're welcome."


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