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#IMAGINE: Triangle Love -Part 1
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You are a simple teenage girl, studying and living your life. You are a student in St. Paul School and you got great friends and loving parents.

Your life is too normal and simple, nothing compilcated just so simple and you like it that way.
It was a normal school day. You wake up and get ready for school.
"Mom I am leaving for school."
"Kay hunnie, bye and be safe."
"Bye Mom."
 You are on your way to school. You are walking and you see someone in a passing by car, he is staring out of the window.
He is too good to be real. He looks a bit older than you. Then the car completely passes by you and you can no longer see it.
"Kyaaaahhh who is that? Too good to be real. Though I saw him for the first time, he made an impression on me and that is super weird."


You are in your classroom. Your friends are blabbering about some concert but you have no inetrest.
You are busy thinking about the guy you had seen earlier.
"Aishh....why am I thinking so much about a stranger? He was good looking so what? I think I'll go crazy."
You hit your head three times as you say, "pabo pabo pabo"
You look up and turn around to talk with your friends. You all were talking then all your friends are staring at the door.
"Omo look at him. Who is he?" Marie whispered staring at the door.
You turn around to see a guy of maybe your age standing at the door. He was tall, fair and his hair was somewhat messed up but it suited him.
The navy school dress suited him the best. He was real handsome.
"Kyaaaahhhhhh sooooooo handsome." Marie whispered again.
"Ah....nae. He is damn handsome." You reply staring at him.
He enters and sits on the same column as you at the right side of your seat. You keep looking at him. He sits putting both his hands inside
his pant pockets. He has his headphones on. The scenario is perfect. It is like you are watching a scene of some movie.
He then turns and he sees you staring at him. You are embarrassed and you suddenly lay your head down to cover up your face.
"pabo pabo pabo.", You say to yourself.
Just then the teacher enters. You all stand up to greet him. 
"Ummm.....Kai, Is there a student named Kai here?" The teacher asked.
"Nae Songsaengnium I am Kai." The new face in class stands up and replies confidently.
"Ahh...so you are the new transfer student."
"Where are you transferred from?"
"Ahh...Kay. Take your seat."
"Kyaaaaaahhhhhh.....transferred from California, handsome as an angel....", Marie whispered to you.
"Yea I wonder how well are his manners. If they are as good as his looks then he'll be a perfect boyfriend material." You whispered back.
"Omo Omo Omo. Wish I could date him." Marie whispered again.
"Yea dating him would be---"
You were interrupted by the teacher.
Both of you stood up as the teacher caught you.
"Chusoemnida Soensaengnium." You reply bowing your head down.
"Sorry Sir.", Marie also apologized bowing her head down.
"Kay sit down. Make sure it won't happen again."
Both of you sit down and decided to keep quiet for the remaining class.
Though you two didn't talk, you could not concentrate on the lecture. You turned on your right and saw Kai.
He was scribbling notes on his note copy.
He looked so good even when studying, you thought.
He  suddenly turned and once again he caught you watching him. You turn your face down to your copy pretending as if to write.
I am an idiot, you scribbled in your note copy.

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