❝ No matter how hard and difficult it is, I will always smile like an idiot ❞
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こんにちは!안녕하세요! Sekarang ada masa free sekejap so Elly nak merapu sekejap. Bosan sangat -.- ^^ Tapi satu benda yang Elly tak suka budak yang duduk depan Elly dekat sekolah tu india, Dia asyik menayanyi lagu india je -.- Kalau nyanyi betul tape.  ni rap bahasa india mahu Elly tak berdekak -.- k

Full Name: Elly Jym (no need to know my real name)
Nickname: Elly, Puteri Tinggi
DOB: 1st of March 1998
POB: Ichikawa, Japan
Hobbies: Dancing & write song lyrics
Ambition: Doctor & Cake Baker
Weight: 43kg
Height: 153cm
Language: Malay, Indo, English, Japanese, a lilttle bit Korean & Mandarin
School team: C - CIRCLET
Possition in school: Leader & rapper ^^
Fav Subjact: S C I E N C E ^^ 하 하 하 하
Fav.Food: Nasi goreng Pataya
Fav. Drink: Apple Shake
Fav. Colour: Ocean blue, Black, Red & Silver
Family: Father. Mother, older sister and 3 younger brother
Status: Married to Youngmin. Engaged to Jeongmin. In a relationship with JR. In scandal with Kai.
Others: Ham Eunjung little sister. Yoon Bora's cousin. Kim Uee's nephew
Fangirl of: Boyfriend, T-ara, Nu'est, After school, EXO
Fandom: Bestfriend, Diadem, Lo/\e, Playgirlz, EXOtic
Quote: "I'm not going to move on, But I will not looking at the back again"

Facts about Ellyjym:
  • Don't know how to draw and paint
  • Everyday She's dance
  • The youngest girl in family
  • My Grandma's mom is Indonesian
  • No matter what happens, she wants to be tall.
  • Talkactive. 
  • Always swearing in Japanese & Korean. No one knows it ^^
  • Love K-Dramas & J-Dramas.
  • Love rap in Japanese.
  • Leader of Team C

Full Name: Shafierra Armiella bt Shafiee
Nickname: Fy, FyI, Fierra
DOB: 8th of August 1998
POB: Cameron Highlands
Hobbies: Drawing & Disturbing me.
Ambition: Fasion designer & Nurse
Weight: 56kg
Height: 155cm
Language: Malay, Indo, English
School team: C - CIRCLET
Possition in school: Leader Vocalist
Fav. Subjact: M A T H E M A T I C S ^^ 하 하 하 하 하 하 xD
Fav.Food: Char Kue Teow *Tak reti eja*
Fav Drink: Milo/Apple+Aloe Vera
Fav. Colour: Purple
Family: Father, Mother, and younger sister.
Status: Izzue's 2nd wife In relationship with BAEKHO!!!!!! 
Others: Park Jiyeon's little sister, YoonA's cousin
Fandom: Sone & E.L.F
Quote: "Be patient........... and smile ^_^"

Facts about Fy:
  • Love to draw.
  • She is a singer in school.
  • Try to learn Japanese from Elly
  • The oldest sibling in the family
  • Mix of Arab and Malay
  • Has a pair of light brown eyes
  • she was in team C in school.
  • Always smile and laugh.
  • always act stupid -.-
  • always beat the other team in school when singing

92% は本当です, 8%ではありません
92% is true, 8% is not
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