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It was a bright Sunday and you were all ready to get to the beach with Youngmin. You were very excited. Due to his busy schedules, he couldn't find time to bring you out in awhile. The moment you heard a knock on your door, you flew to the door and adjusted your hair before opening the door. The moment you opened the door, he sprung himself onto you. Without uttering a word, he peck your lips. Your cheeks went red instantly. You went back in to get your stuff and both of you headed for his car. As he drove off, he kept switching the radio station because of the poor reception. You then pulled out a disc from your bag and played it. Finally, both of you arrived at the destination. Youngmin said "Yeobo-ya, lets get changed and meet here in exactly 7 minutes time, don't be late. I will miss you." He throws you a flying kiss. After 7 minutes, both of you headed to the direction of the beach and laid the portable chair and opened the umbrella. You took off your shirt and laid down. "Woah you're sexy my girl!" He exclaimed. You pretended not to hear what he said as you were blushing. Unknowing, he suddenly touched your waist and your eyes flew open. You then realized he was applying the sunblock on you. "Yeobo-ya, how could you forget to apply your sunblock!" He nagged. "Oh yes, how careless of me! Thank you." You replied apologetically. After he applied the sunblock on you, both of you strolled along the shallow sea and played with water. After a long day, he brought you to a restaurant for dinner and fed you with lots of food. "Oh my, I'm so full!" you exclaimed. "Me too!" he replied. After dinner, both of you headed to his house. He said "Tonight, you'll stay over at my place okay?" You nodded with a smile. He told you to take a shower while he set up the DVD player for the movie marathon. After you bathed, he went in. Within 10 minutes, he was out and found you asleep on the sofa. Then, he carried you to his bed and placed you on lightly. He kissed you for 10 seconds before tucking you in nicely. He then kisses you for another time and whispers, "I love you so much" before going to sleep.

c/r: Thank you to Kpop Imagine ^^
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