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I hate getting flashback :(
Friday, August 2, 2013 | 0 comments

I want you, bring it back. I want you, need you now. I don't say goodbye. Please don't say goodbye. Baby, I'm so sorry. I love you, I'm so sorry. I fought with you over nothing. In a fit of anger, I said let's break up. Since there still hasn't been a call. I just feel really anxious.

White snow falls outside the window. With only the laughter of lovers. This won't do, I can't live without you. I'll call you right now. I love you, I just want you. Like a fool, I only look for you. Love me again, embrace me again. Come to me. I'm sorry, I was wrong. Can you come back to me now? I won't say let's break up again.

It was such a stupid thing. I really made you angry. I don't wanna talk about it. I don't wanna miss a thing. I long for you so much tonight. What am I suppose to do without you? I can deal with anything else. But it's hard to deal without having you. It's hard, it's hard. When the white snow falls for the first time. Let's meet on this street. We promised each other. I wonder if you still remember.

White snow falls. Yearning falls, too. Foolish tears fall, too. I'm waiting. I'm only loving you. From afar, I can see, I can see your image. Like the white snow, you must be coming. Now I won't let you go, I love you. I can never smile without you. I can never live without you. I can never endure without you. I can't love without you.

I love you. 사랑해...
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