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Saturday, July 6, 2013 | 0 comments

Since a long time... I ... err.. Whatever -.- And it seems about a week my heart hurt. I do not know what caused it. My heart aches and not calm. I think I gonna die.

And in this week, I think I cried a lot. I do not laugh as usual. What happened to me? My heart? Please tell my why you're being like this? something wrong? Are you sick? Please heart. I  don't want you sick. when the heart ache, it would hurt too painful. Do my English right? Arghh whatever..

When I heard a song, I will cry too. Before sleep, at school I cry. what I can do now is praying. People around me do not care about me again. My family, friends, cousin do not talk to me again :( My friend did not care for my feelings more. I don't know what's my wrong.

That's all i wanna tell you. Yes just about my feelings. Because i don't have anyone to talk to. Ermm. Yes. but now I fell I'm happy with my life. I have some private time to realese my mind ^^ and what I do now is listening to song and sing loudly. 

さようなら ^^

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