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Fasting month and tired :(
Thursday, July 18, 2013 | 0 comments

こんにちは!元気ですか?今日はとても疲れを感じる。私はラマダンに何をすべきか分からない。。。。。 KEKEKE~~

Okay. Today is ramadan. I'm veru veru very very tired !!!!!! We can't eat or drink anything started from 5.45am until 7.30pm :( But i can lose my weight in ramadan. Its because I didn't eat a lot ^^ now my weight is.. errr. 43kg  :( Yes I'm fat plus so so so so so so heavy. lol. But I'm still  かわいい KEKEKE~  狂った?Yes!! hahahahahaah.

Now I'm so hungry and i don't know what to do. And my dad mad at me because i've changed his phone language from English to Japanese!! I changed the language because of this blog :( I want to update my blog in japanese ^^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But after that he laugh -.- あなたはどうして知っているのですか?>.<''

I'ts 5.36pm :( We have 2 hours more and we can eat anything or everything we want!!!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!! We must fast for 1 month :) After that HARI RAYA!!!!!!!!! 私は待ちきれない!>.< I will buy food at nearby Bazaar Ramadhan.

それがすべてです!  さようなら。:3 >.<''

  • To show respect for all the unfortunate people who must starve because they can't afford to buy food. Also to show dedication to GOD and the PROPHET for his teachings.

  • ORIGIN : It's the 4th pillar of the 5 pillar of Islam.

  • REASONS AND PURPOSE : To feel the hunger of the poor, and appreciate what God has given you

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