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Segmen Kenal-kenal
Thursday, June 6, 2013 | 1 comments

Konnichiwa minna! Hehe ^^ Elly jumpa segmen ni dalam blog Nys. Tertarik pulak pada segmen ni. Haha. Dia buat segmen ni saja-saja je untuk mengeratkan hubungan persahabatan sesama blogger. Siapa nak join senang je.
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Full name : Elly Jym
Nick name : Elly / Puteri tinggi
Birth Date : 1st of March
Birth Place : Johor
Hobbies: Rapping, skipping, dancing
Ambition: Doctor or a famous rapper *maybe*
Best Friends: Fierra and always will be :)
Enemy : Someone who steals Youngmin, Kwangmin & JR from me! Someone copying my styles!
Favourite Food : Junk food :P
Favourite Drink : Apple shake
Favourite Colour : Blue, black, gold and silver
Short Or Tall : 153cm -.- It means SHORT
Weight : 43kg
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour : black
Straight Or Curly : straight
Long Or Short Hair : short
Speaking Language At Home: Malay
Night Or Day : Day by day. lol
The Place I Love : Japan and Korea
Relationship Status : Married
Boyfriend's First Alphabet : No boyfriend, But husband Y
Boyfriend's Birth Date : 24 April 1995. He's old -.-
How Long We're Being Couples: about... 5 months
Who do you miss: Fierra ^^

About my life:
I'm a girl named Elly. Full name? Sorry I can't tell you :) I have fallen in love with the wrong man twice mocked up. At first, I see myself and my BFF are an extremely good. But everything changed cause the past. When we are so good, people always do evil around us. Do not believe the people around you 100% or you will regret it. And now, I can't believe in man again. But one day, I fell in love with a man that always makes me smile although its the only fanciful. I fell in love with a man taht have made me to move on easily and forget all my heart. I can only relate this. Thanks :)

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