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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 1]
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You are a scholar in ur school and u are also popular because of ur intelligence.Every students eve professors know you.That's why many professors do trust u to take charge when they are not around.

Professor: (insert ur name) stand up.
You: yes sir? -nervous-
Professor: what is a plateau?
You: a plateau is a wide area of tableland elevated to an average of 600 meters above sea level.It is produced by a general uplift of a large area of the sedimentary rocks having a sudden drop at it's border called escapment or bluff.

Because of ur answer,everyone in ur classroom got stopped including ur professor and u can hear some of ur classmates whispering.

Girl1: she is really a genius.
Girl2: yes,she is!
Boy: yes,that's why I have a crush on her.
Girl1: shut off!We already know that even from the start.
Boy: how?
Girl2: u keep on following her,even taking stolen pictures of her!Haha,that's how desperate u are.

Professor: the 3 of u!Quiet!

The 3 zipped their mouth.
Professor: ok then,u can sit down now (insert ur name).
You: thank u sir. 

The bell rings...

Professor: ok,u may go home now.Don't forget ur homeworks. (insert ur name),if i would not be able to be here tomorrow,would u take charge of teaching ur classmates for tomorrow's lesson?
You: no problem sir.
Professor: good. -after saying,goes out the room-

Ashley: hey (insert ur name)!How could u be that genius?
You: just study hard and focus on everything u do.
Ashley: really?but im always focused with Robert (her bf),why am i not genius?
You: haha,babo girl!Focus on studies not on ur bf.
Ashley: i know,haha,im just trying to make u smile,u're always serious!
You: whatever!Let's go home?
Ashley: kaja!

While walking,u felt hungry.
You: Ashley let's buy food first,im really hungry.
Ashley: sure.

You went on a store and bought some food and drinks. . .

You: oh, so yummy!
Ashley: yes, really ! Fingerlicking good !
You: hahaha. .

When u are supposed to drink ur juice. . . . . . . A boy came on ur way running so fast, and ur drink spilled on ur face. .
You: ya ! Will u please stop running ? -shout-

But the boy just looked at u once and kept on running again.

-end of Chapter 1-

[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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