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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 9]
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3 days passed and within that 3 days,u and Youngmin haven't talked and u did not also went to their house to tutor him.

You decided to go to school early to hel ur professors do their visual aids.
Ashley: ya!(insert ur name),long time no talk!Hhaha, u're always busy teaching Youngmin.
You: how'd u know?
Ashley: he told me.
You: aish!he told me not to tell anyome.
Ashley: even with me!aish! I hate u!
You: i hate u too.
Ashley: aish!you never change! Hahaha. .
You: haha,let's eat?
Ashley: go!

You go downstairs to go to the canteen and buy some food and drinks but u saw someone. You saw Youngmin hugging a girl.
Girl: i miss u Youngmin!
Youngmin: i miss u too.

Then the two hugged each other again. You got jealous so u approached them.
You: ya! Youngmin! You said u'll just give me some time to think of being ur girlfriend?! -angry voice-
Youngmin: -release his hug from the girl- yes, i'm giving u that time.
Ynu: while flirting with some other girl?!
Youngmin: what?! flirt? but-----

Before Youngmin finished on what ge is saying, u turn back and walked away feeling angry and jealous. You went to the school's park with Ashley and cry.
You: i hate Youngmin! I hate him! I hate him! -crying-
Ashley: calm, calm (insert ur name) why didn't u let him explain first?
You: what for?to say that while waiting for my answer,there he is flirting with some other?

Ashley did not talk.

Girl: who is he my cousin?
Youngmin: she is the girl i'm courting.
Girl: oh, the girl u told me when we are chatting?
Youngmin: yes..
Girl: but why did she got mad all of a sudden?
Youngmin: i don't know too.
Girl: omo!maybe she got jealous when she saw us hugging.
Youngmin: u thinj so?she's jealous?
Girl: ofcourse!we girls easily get jealous.
Youngmin: aish!i should explaing to her,will u help me?
Girl: ofcourse my cousin.

-end of Chapter 9-
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