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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 8]
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As time goes by,because u get to know more about Youngmin and Youngmin get to know more about u, u became closer.
You: Youngmin!get ur books.
Youngmin: -lying on the sofa- i feel lazy,could u get it for me?please?-puppy eyes-
You: shireo!get it!

Youngmin stood up,went to u and hugged u.
Youngmin: will u get it for me?please...
You: -shocked- o...okay okay, release me now.

After Youngmin released u from his hug, u knocked his head.
Youngmin: ouch!wae?
You: who told u to hug me?
You: i just want to -smiles-

And Youngmin spread his arms acting to hug u again...
Youngmin: come (insert ur name),hug ur chagi!
You: aigoo! -quickly run to escape Youngmin-

But Youngmin also ran and followed u but u did not let him catch u. That's how close u are. You even go to school together, eat together and go home together.

At school....
Youngmin: (insert ur name), i have something to confess.
You: what is it? -heart beats fast-
Youngmin: u know that we've been so close for a long time since u became my tutor. And if u don't know, i fell inlove with u even the first time i saw u...hmmm...
You: -waiting for his next statement-
Youngmin: so, would u be my girlfriend?

You were shocked yet happy because of what Youngmin said,but still, u don't want to enter a relationship.
You: ahmm. .. Youngmin, u know i like u too but i don't want to be in a relationship for now.
Youngmin: so u are rejecting me?
You: no no no...not that, i'm not rejecting u. Just give me some time to think of it.
Youngmin: okay -sad-

Youngmin walked away and left u alone...

-end of Chapter 8-
[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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