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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 7]
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Youngmin came to sala.
Youngmin: hey (insert ur name)!what are u doing here?
You: -just looked at him-
Mrs.Jo: she's here to be ur tutor.
Youngmin: what?! -shout- my tutor?no way!
Mrs.Jo: but u need her in ur studies.
Youngmin: i can study on my own!
You: don't worry!i don't eat human!
Youngmin: and so?i'm not human,i'm immortal!
You: whether u're a human or immortal,i don't eat both.
Youngmin: ok,ok.u will be my tutor but don't spread it in school.okay?
You: sure.
Mrs.Jo: oh..i think u could start now.
You: get ur books Youngmin,and also ur notebooks.
Youngmin: don't order me!
You: i'm ur tutor. -looked at him seriously-
Youngmin: aish!

Youngmin went upstairs to get his things and went down to sala again.
You: okay...let's start.

You teach Youngmin while u're facing each other but u find it difficult so u went beside Youngmin.
Youngmin: why are u here?
You: to teacht u!babo!It's so hard to teach if we're facing each other,so i should sit here beside u so u can see what i am teaching.

While teaching, u can see on ur periferral view that Youngmin stares at u but u just don't mind it and keep on teaching. But u go bothered so....
You: ya! don't stare at me! Look at ur book!
Youngmin: i want to stare at u. I just realized now that u're beautiful.
You: really?
Youngmin: no, babo! Haha, go back to teaching!
You: aish! You're always making fun of me!

Youngmin's POV.
"Yes, u are so beautiful (insert ur name). I fell inlove with u eve the first time i saw u. How i just wish u know it. -sighs-

-end of Chapter 7-
[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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