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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 6]
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Your POV
"Why did he kissed me?Is he making fun of me?Aish!That boy!Argh!"

Suddenly,ur phone rings.
You: mwo?unregistered number?-still,u answered it-
You: yes?
Voice: is this (insert ur name)?
You: yes,speaking.
Voice: i saw ur flyer that u accept tutorial.Can i hire u to guide my son?
You: -excited- really?sure!uhm,by the way may i know ur name?and where can we meet?
Voice: u can call me Mrs.Jo,i'll just txt u our address and will u go here right after u receive my txt?
You: sure Mrs.Jo -still excited-
Voice: ok i'll wait u here.bye.-ended the call-
You: this is it!i will start earning now!

Then u received the address.You quickly rode a taxi and tell the driver to bring u at that address.
You: ppali ppali sir!

After 30 minutes..
Driver: here we are.
You: gomawo!-get ur wallet and pay the driver-

You went out of the taxi and..
You: woaaah!-amazed- what a big,beautiful house!i think i've got the jackpot!

You knocked at the gate many times but no one is opening it.
You: aish!where on earth is the owner of this house now?

You kicked the pillar beside and there u saw a doorbell.
You: aish!there's a doorbell.i'm such an idiot.
-ding dong, ding dong-

After pushing the doorbell, a maid opened the door.
Maid: who are u?
You: i'm (insert ur name).I'm here to see Mrs.Jo.
Maid: is she expecting u?
You: yes.
Maid: come in.

You: omo!what a beautiful garden!
Maid: that is Jo's property.
You: wow,really awesome.

Then a girl approached u.
Girl: are u Ms.(insert ur name)?
You: yes,i am.Mrs.Jo?
Girl: yes.Come in, i'll introduce u to my son...

You entered the house and went to sala, there u saw a boy reading a book.

Your POV.
"Is that Youngmin? No no no! It can't be!"

But the boy turned around and u saw his face.
You: omo! Youngmin? -curious-

You stared at the boy and shout.
You: Youngmin-ah!

But the boy didn't looked at you.
You: aish! Youngmin-ah!

Because he is not looking, u approached him.
You: -hit his shoulder- ya! Youngmin-ah !

The boy stared at you.
Boy: aigoo!wae?! who are you?
You: u don't know me? Huh? Youngmin?!

Mrs. Jo approached the two of you.
Mrs. Jo: what's going on here?
You: excuse me madamme, but why is this Youngmin here?
Mrs. Jo: oh. . .haha, he's not Youngmin, he is Kwangmin. Youngmin's younger twin.
You: omo! twin? -you looked at the boy- i'm really sorry, i thought u are Youngmin.
Kwangmin: gwaenchana -smiles- i'm Kwangmin.
You: i'm (insert ur name) ,nice to meet you -bow-
Kwangmin: nice to meet u too. . -smiles look at u in ur eyes-

Mrs. Jo: ahem!
Kwangmin: oh, excuse me. .i have to go. .

Kwangmin goes out of the sala.
Mrs. Jo: so Ms. (insert ur name), how did u know Youngmin?
You: we're classmates.
Mrs. Jo: really? that's good! So you could guide him well on ur studies.
You: guide him?
Mrs. Jo: yes, i hire u to be his tutor.
You: uh-oh . . .-bite ur lips- 

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-end of Chapter 6-

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