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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 5]
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When the boy completely got inside ur room,ur classmates shout louder.Your new classmate was Jo Young Min.
Youngmin: annyeong!jae irumeun Youngmin imnida.Nice to meet u all -bow-
Girls: -shout- nice to meet u too Youngmin!You're so cute!
Youngmin: -smiles-
Professors: ok be quiet now.You're all equal here so treat each other well.Arachi?
All: yes sir!

Your prof went outside the room. Jo Youngmin sat beside u and talked.
Youngmin: hi,nice to see u again -wink-
You: psh.u said we're not close?
Youngmin: o....ok. -look away-
Ashley: ya!why are u so snobbish?!
You: i'm not!he said that.
Ashley: what?
You: forget it..

The next day...
Prof: ok,let's start now the recitation.
All: huh?!
Boy: sir,but u haven't informed us about that.
Prof: arayo.But it's ur responsibility to be always prepared for things like this.
Prof: let's start with (insert ur name).

You stood up and nervously waitin for the question but u did answered the question correctly same with the following students who were called to recite.
Prof: so far,so good!Seems all of u studied well.So next,hmmm... -looking at class record- Mr. Jo.

Youngmin stood up.
Prof: in chemistry,it is an organic compound with 1 or more functional hydroxyl group.What is it?
Youngmin: -seems that he don't know the answer and he's sweating-
You: -whispered- alcohol.
Prof: yes Mr.Jo?
Youngmin: alcohol sir.
Prof: right!u may sit...

After class..
Youngmin: ya!(insert ur name)!gomawo!i'm just not prepared.
You: sm be prepared next time.
Youngmin: u want treat?
You: no,gomawo.
Youngmin: oh!i see...chakama!what's that?-pointing at ur right side-

You look at it but there's nothing.
You: there's nothing in there!

But before u turn to look at Youngmin again, HE KISSED YOU on ur cheek and walked away. .
You: omo! ya!

But Youngmin did not look back and just continued walking. . .

-end of Chapter 5-
[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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