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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 4]
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After hearing the rumor that the popular Jo Young Min will transfer in ur school..
You: hmmm... -thinking seriously-

When a boy suddenly talked.
Boy: excuse me.

You were shocked and even fell on the floor.
You: omo!Aish!Will u please don't-----

You got stopped when u saw a handsome boy infront of u.
Boy: hi -smiles- i remember ur face. .
You: how?
Boy: hmm. .as far as i remember, u're the girl i hit when i was running last day. I want to say sorry for that.
You: it's ok. .
Boy: so? Aish. . I'm Jo Young Min -lend his hand-
You: -lend ur hand also- i'm (insert ur name)
Youngmin: nice meeting u (insert ur name) -smiles-
You: nice to meet u too -blush-

You got eye to eye for 30 seconds. .
Youngmin: oh. . . -release his hand- nice knowing u, but it doesn't mean we're close now.
You: what ?
Youngmin: -just turn around and walked away-

Your POV.
"Aish! I thought he is kind but i'm wrong. Nah! -knock ur head- i should've not talk to him. Aish!"

You continued walking until u got into ur room and there u saw Ashley sleeping.
You: ya! Ashley! Wake up! Sir is here!
Ashley: -quickly woke up- where? Where? -panicking-
You: haha, babo! He's not yet here. .why are u sleeping? What did u do last night?huh? huh? -saying while hitting her with ur elbow-
Ashley: aish! So bad! I did not do anything! I just want to sleep-

But ur professor suddenly came for real.
You: Ashley! Wake up now! He's here!
Ashley: go away, let me sleep -didn't believe u-

Then ur professor talked.
Professor: ok everybody, fixed ur chairs. I have announcement. You will have ur new classmate here and i hope u will treat him well.
Ashley: new classmate? Him? Omo! It's a boy!
You: shut off! Who could that be?
Professor: sshh! Ok Mr. u may come in.

Then everybody inside the rood turned to see the boy who will enter the door. As the boy did his first step, ur girl classmates who sit infront, near the door started to shout with excitement. .

-end of Chapter 4-
[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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