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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 3]
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The next day. .
Ashley: ya ! -shout so loud-
You: wae ?
Ashley: did u remember what happened yesterday? A boy hit you right? That boy is Jo-Young-Min!
You: i know, i saw it on TV.
Ashley: omo! omo! u are so lucky!
You: wae?
Ashley: because he is so popular!
Ashley: aish! -hit ur shoulder-
You: aigoo!wae?!
Ashley: will u please show emotions sometimes?
You: -smiles-
Ashley: aigoo!fake smile!
You: le'ts stop this, let's go to our room.

When u enter ur room.. .
All: omo! (insert ur name)!
You: wae?
Girl1: i saw u on TV, Youngmin hit u ! U are so lucky!
Girl2: yes! How does it feel?

Everyone is waiting for ur answer. .
You: nothing.
All: oh . . . . . . .

Then all of them, including u and Ashley went on ur respective seats.
Ashley: -whispered- see! Everyone envies u..
You: envy for what?
Ashley: aish!forget it !babo ! Next time, try to get to know other things beside of reading books all and over again.
You: -pout-

After class. .
You: umma, i'm here -kiss her on cheeks-
Mom: -kiss u back-
You: mom. . . -puppy eyes-
Mom: yes? What do u need ?
You: how'd u know?
Mom: i know ur attitude when u need something from me.
You: oh. . .do u have money?
Mom: for what?
You: i have many stuffs to buy soon for school.
Mom: when will u be needing it?
You: by next month?
Mom: next month? Ok, u may go for a work so u could earn.
You: aigoo! I thought u would be giving me -pout-
Mom: no, u should work hard for anything to get it.
You: but what work will best suit me? I'm too young.
Mom: you are smart, u could tutor someone. .
You: aha! Bright idea !

You: aha! Bright idea!

You started making porters where there is written "WANTED TUTOR? Call me at. . . .. . . ." and u posted it anywhere. .
You: uh ! So tiring to post anywhere. . I hope somebody would call me.

The whole day ended but no ome did call you. 
You: -pout- no one needs a tutor, how will i earn?
Mom: just be patient my dear, maybe on the following days, somebody will call u. .
You: ok -sighs-

The next day at school. . .

Everyone is shouting, girls seems to be so happy and students keep on yelling. .
You: what's going on in here?

And u heard some girls talking. .
Girl1: is this for real? He will study here?
Girl2: yes! omo! omo! He is so handsome!
Girl3: yes! I can't believe that famous Jo Young Min will transfer here! -yell-

You: mwo? Jo Young Min? I think i heart that name before -think for a while- right! It's him ! He is the one on the news! The one who hit me! But. . . . . . .he will study here? i see, now, your good days are gone! -evil smile-

-end of Chapter 3-
[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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