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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 2]
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Ashley: gwaenchana?
You: ofcourse not! Look, im so wet, so sticky. Argh !

While talking, a group of people came ur way again. They are also runnin and they were holding cameras.
You: why are they all running?
Ashley: omo! (insert ur name), did u see the face of the boy who hit u?

You look up and try to remember the scene.
You: hmm. .no. .why ?
Ashley: look! If the boy who hit u is runnin, and there follows a group of people with cameras, maybe that boy is a celebrity who had just came on public!
You: i don't care about celebrities!
Ashley: psh! Because u are a bookworm! Always insidd ur room, always infront of a book bla-bla-bla. .
You: and so? Kyaaa! Help me to stand here.

Ashley helped u to stand and because u have no choice, u go home wet and sticky.
You: umma, i'm here.

Nobody answered. You look for ur mother at ur sala and saw her watching TV.
You: ya, umma, i'm here -kiss her on cheeks-
Mom: -kissed u back- (insert ur name) ,watch the news. They say that Jo Young Min just came on public ! -saying it with excitement-
You: huh ? Who is that Jo. . . .Min ?
Mom: Jo Young Min !
You: oh. .haha, whatever, i don't know him.

But because of curiosity, u looked at the screen to know who's that Jo Young Min that ur mom is talking about. And there u saw a bow running while a group of people are following him. . . Just that one face caught uq eye. . . You saw Ashley's face. You get closer on the screen to confirm if it was really Ashley. But the camera moved and there u saw ur face !
You: omo !
Mom: mwo ? What are u doing there ?
You: i fell dow on the floor there and my drink spilled on me because a boy running hit me.
Mom: really ? -asked with excitement- maybe that boy who hit u was Jo Young Min ! -seems more happy-
You: -pout- aren't u worried about me?
Mom: no, because Jo Young Min just hit u ! You are so lucky !
You: lucky ? Because he hit me ? Aish !

-end of Chapter 2-
[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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