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#Imagine: It's him [Chap 10] -last
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While u and Ashley were on the park, Youngmin and her cousin approached u.
Youngmin: (insert ur name),let me explain.
You: nothing to explain -wiping ur tears-

You did not let Youngmin to explain instead u stood u and walked away.
Youngmin: she's really mad,what should i do?
Girl: maybe the best to do is to let her think for some time.
Youngmin: -looks at u while going away until u disappear, tears falling from his eyes-
Girl: i'm sorry my cousin.
Youngmin: for what?
Girl: for hugging u,that's why she got mad.
Youngmin: no,it's not ur fault.

The nex day while u were walking at the corridor,a boy approached you.
Boy: hi!

You didn't answer but u saw Youngmin coming so u decided to make him jealous.
Yot: hi also! I'm (insert ur name)
Boy: i know u.I'm Mark.
You: u know me?
Boy: yes,i saw u at the park crying and ur friend uttered ur name.
You: oh...i see..
Boy: can i ask u out?

Youngmin suddenly answered.
Youngmin: no,she is my girl.
Boy: ur girl?how come?
Youngmin: just because she's mine.
You: i'm yours?since when?don't mind him Mark,he's nothing.Whem are we going to go out?
Mark: later at 7pm, i'll meet u at the gate. -after saying it,he smirked at Youngmin and walked away-

Youngmin: why did u agree (insert ur name)?
You: wae?
Youngmin: i don't trust him.Don't go out with him.
You: wae?u know him?no right?so back-off.Anyway,it's my life!Don't bother me and another thing, u have ur gf right?The one u hug so tight yesterday.
Youngmin: but she is not my----
You: sshh!Don't explain,i don't need that.

You walked away leaving Youngmin alone.

7pm came and u went to the school's gate and there u saw Mark waiting.
You: hey!
Mark: oh,here u are!Let's go?
You: kaja!

You and Mark rode in his car. While on ur way, u noticed that the place u were going through were so dark.....

You: where are we? I thought we we're going on a club to have fun?
Mark: yes,we will have fun -smirk-

Mark stopped the car and pull u out of the car.
You: where are we?

Mark didn't talk instead he pull u into a dark place and pushed u into the wall.
You: wha...what are u trying to do? -shaking-
Mark: i will have fun.

Mark holds ur two hand against the wall and started to kiss u on ur neck agressively. You keep on shouting for help but seems no one could hear u.
Mark: no one will save u here. It's just the two of ur here. -continued to kiss u-

You have no more strength so u are just crying when someone at Mark's back punched him on his face. Mark fell down on the floor. You look who's it there and saw Youngmin.
Youngmin: gwaenchana? -he hugged you-
You: why are u here? -crying-
Youngmin: i told u, i don't trust that boy. So i followed u here. I'm sorry if it took time to save u, i met a traffic.
You: -cries hard-
You: don't cry now. I'm here. -he hug u tighter-

You hug him back and u went outside to call the police.

Mark was caught. But u were still crying.
Youngmin: about the girl,she is my cousin.
You: i'm sorry if i didn't let u explain, yet u saved me -cries even harder-
Youngmin: ofcourse. I will not let my girl to be hurt by anybody.

Youngmin wiped your tears and kissed you. You kissed him back with all ur love.

[c/r: Nicki Chin]
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