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Imagine Chapter 9
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The next day at school. .
Donghyun: so how's ur date with (insert ur name) ?
Kwangmin: just fine, we enjoyed
Hyunseong: really ? u looks like u did not .
Kwang: somehow, because a guy just came and get (insert ur name). He said his mom wants to see (insert ur name).
Jeongmin: who do u think is that guy ?
Kwangmin: i don't have an idea, but whoever is he , i don't care.
Youngmin: wae ?
Kwangmin: just so. .
So Kwangmin decided to surprise u and tell what he really feel for u. So he talked to Minwoo, Donghyun, Hyunseong , Jeongmin and Youngmin to help him.
Jeongmin: so when are u planning to say it ?
Kwangmin: today, i will surprise her in her home and confess to what i really feel.
Kwangmin , together with the 5 boys drove to go to ur house. . Kwangmin bought flowers and chocolates for u. 

When they were already outside ur house. .
Youngmin: go twin ! u can do it !
Minwoo, Jeongmin, Hyunseong, Donghyun: hwaiting !
Kwangmin: ok, this is it !

Kwangmin went near your door and knocked. He already knocked 2 times but no one's openin it. .
Kwangmin: come on (insert ur name) , jebal open it. .

Until someone opened the door . .
Kwangmim: annyeong------

Kwangmin stopped when he saw who opened the door. It's Drake.
Kwangmin: u again ?
Drake: again ? Have we met before ?
Kwangmin: -didn't answer instead he give the flowers and chocolates to Drake- here ! Just give this to (insert ur name)
Drake: but wait . .

Kwangmin already turned away and ride on the car.

Inside the car . .
Youngmin: gwaenchana ?
Kwangmin: gwaenchana hyung ! -wiping his tears-
Donghyun: omo, this is the first time i see u crying . .-pat Kwangmin's back-

While at ur house. .
You: who is that ?
Drake: the boy u were with yesterday, he wants to give this to u -give the flowers and chocolates-
You: why did he leave so fast ?
Drake: i don't know , when he saw me, he give that to me and leave.
You: omo !

Your POV.

"Maybe Kwangmin is mad at me now for leaving him yesterday because of Drake and now, seeing him here ! I should explain."

You called Tina. .
Tina: yes ?
You: will u call Youngmin ?
Tina: wae ?
You: ask him where are they. .
Tina: wae ?
You: just do it. .please . . .
Tina: ok. .

After 5 minutes. .
Tina: ya ! Youngmin said that they are at their house. He also said that Kwangmin doesn't go out of his room.
You: ok, gomawo ! -ended the call-

You quickly went to Kwangmin and Youngmin's house.
You: -knocks at the door-

Youngmin opened the door . .
You: where is Kwangmin ? Can we talk ?
Youngmin: he don't want to go out of his room. He is really hurt.
You: wae ? What happened to him ?
Youngmin: it's because of u ! -shout- i'm sorry, i mean he is really jealous with the boy at ur house. Is that boy courting u ?
You: omo ! Jealous with Drake ? aniyo ! He is my cousin.
Youngmin: cousin ? Really ?
You: yes . .

You talked to Youngmin to tell the other boys in their group (ofcourse except Kwangmin) to help u fix things with Kwangmin. . . Youngmin agreed and u also talked to Drake to help you also. .

-end of Chapter 9-
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