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#Imagine Chapter 8
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After 2 days . . . You are now ok. .
Tina: are u sure u want to go to school now ?
You: yes ! I miss my school. .
Tina: just the school ?
You: ofcourse ! Whatelse do u think i should miss ?
Tin: Kwangmin , u don't miss him ?
You: why would i miss him ? He didn't even care for me when i collapsed and rushed to the hospital.
Tina: haha ! Babo girl ! He cares for u a lot ! 
You: no . .
Tina: come, listen. .
You: -listens to Tina-

Tina told u the whole story. That Kwangmin rushed u to the hospital.
You: oh , i see ! So i owe him one .
Tina: yes , and u know, he said something to me.
You: what ? 
Tina: -come near ur hear and whispered "secret."-
You: aigoo ! Tell me !
Tina: haha, it's our secret ! -mocked at u-
At the school . . . . . You saw Kwangmin together with the 4 boys, without Youngmin.
You: chingus !

Kwangmin looked at u but didn't say anything.

Jeongmin: oh ! Annyeong (insert ur name) , are u ok now ?
You: yes , i am, gomawo oppa .
Hyunseong: -calls Kwangmin- your girlfriend is here ! -Kwangmin approached u-

Kwangmin: hi, gwaenchana ?
You: yes. Tina told me about everything u did. How can i thank u ?
Donghyun: give him a hug !
Kwangmin: hyung ! Stop it !
You: haha, can i go out with u ? My treat !
Kwangmin: sure ! -deep inside , he is happy-

Meanwhile . .
Youngmin: so can i court you ?
Tina: are u serious ?
Youngmin: yes , i am.
Tina: ahm, ok, u can court me, but i couldn't guarantee u that i will give u my "yes" , u should prove to me first that u deserve it.
Youngmin: sure thing , i will never disappoint u. .
At the mall. .
You: ya ! Kwangmin ! Look at this ! -pointin at the big pink bear- it's cute right ?
Kwangmin: yes , it's cute . . ."like you", -he whispered-
You: what ? -but u really heard it-
Kwangmin: ah , i said it's cute -smiles-

You both decided to eat first before u go to the arcade to play . .

At the restaurant. .
You: u want this ? -pointin at the menu-
Kwangmin: anything . .
You: ok, we will order this ! -calls the waiter-

While eating . .
You: hmmm, yummy !
Kwangmin: -stared at u-
You: why ? Something wrong ?

But Kwangmin didn't say anything. He just stood up, and slowly he puts his face near ur face. . Your heart beats faster. . . ."omo ! Will he kiss me ?" , u said to yourself.

You closed ur eyes thinking that he will kiss u when . .
Kwangmin: u have ketchup here -remove the ketchup below ur lips using his thumb and sit back-
You: -opened ur eyes- oh, gomawo . . -shy-
Kwangmin: cheonmaneyo , haha, go eat again. .

After eating , u went to the arcade. There u played different games. After playing. . .
Kwangmin: (insert ur name) , let's sing !
You: sing ? I don't know how to sing.
Kwangmin: it's ok.

You went inside the karaoke hub. . You both choose ur type of songs. While u're singing , Kwangmin stares at u and it make u uncomfortable . . After u sang, it's Kwangmin's turn. .
Kwangmin: -sings- I can't help myself from falling inlove, with somebody like u, cause ur feelings are true, can't help myself from falling inlove . .no i can't help myself from falling for u . . .

Kwangmin seems to singing it with all his emotion while looking at ur eyes . .

After he sang . . .
You: great ! I love ur voice ! -smiles-
Kwangmin: u love me ?
You: i said ur voice !
Kwangmin: i know, i'm just kidding -smiles- anyway, thank u . .
You: u're welcome , it's really great !
Kwangmin: i really meant the lyrics for u.
You: what do u mean ?
Kwangmin: nothing, forget it. .kaja ! Let's go home ?
You: o...ok . .-still curious-

You are walking at the hallway with Kwangmin when a guy approached u.
Guy: oh ! (insert ur name) ! Finally , i found u !
You: me ?
Guy: yes ! Kaja ! My mom wants to see u.
You: who are u ?

The guy didn't answered and he hold ur hand and bring u outside the mall. 

When u were already outside. .
You: -release your hands on his hand- who are u ?! -shout-
Guy: -removed his shades-
You: Drake ?
Guy: yes , Drake, remember ?
You: omo ! Drake ! Is that really u ?
Drake: yes, do i look handsome ? -smirk-
You: haha, aigoo ! -knock his head- u didn't change !
Drake: ouch ! -caress his head-
You: haha, where are we going ?
Drake: at ur house, umma is there, he wants to see u.
You: really ? Auntie is there ? I miss her ! I wanna see her ! But wait, Kwangmin is still inside. .
Drake: who is he ?
You: my friend, yes my friend . .
Drake: oh, maybe u could just see him again nxt time, just text him that u need to go.

While. .

Kwangmin was left alone. . . You didn't know but he got jealous with Drake.

Kwangmin's POV.
" Who is that guy to get my girl without me agreeing ?! What's worst, he hold (insert ur name)'s hand ! I hate seeing it ! -kick the wall-"

-end of Chapter 8-
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