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#Imagine Chapter 7
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Kwangmin drives his car as fast as he can until he finally arrived at ur home.
Kwangmin: -shouted ur name-
Tina: Kwangmin, let's send her to the hospital.

Kwangmin carried u into his car and send u to the nearest hospital.

While in the hospital. .
Doctor: don't worry, she'll be fine, she just needs some rest.
Kwangmin: ok doc . .kamsahamnida . .
Doctor: -nods-
Youngmin calls Kwangmin.
Kwangmin: yes hyung ?
Youngmin: where are u ?
Kwangmin: at the house of my friend.
Youngmin: why did u leave us here ? Minwoo needs his car.
Kwangmin: i'm sorry , i forgot to tell. By the way , i'll be going back there.
Youngmin: ok, we will wait u here.
Kwangmin: -ended the call-

Kwangmin: Tina, i need to go, take care of (insert ur name).
Tina: sure, by the way , thank u for sending her here.
Kwangmin: it's my pleasure, i'm happy now , i just don't want her to be in danger.
Tina: omo ! So sweet !
Kwangmin: -smiles- ok, i'll go now.
Tina: ok, take care . .bye . .

After 30 minutes. .
(At the club)
Kwangmin: hyung !
Youngmin: oh, u're here ! u want to drink ?
Kwangmin: no, let's go home. .
Minwoo: where did u go hyung ?
Kwangmin: hang with my other friends . .
Hyunseong: really ?
Donghyun: we don't think so.. .
Kwangmin: wae ?
Jeongmin: don't lie Kwangmin ! We already know !
Kwangmin: mwo ? How ?
Youngmin: i called Tina, and she told me everything. .
Kwangmin: -silent-
Young: u already love her ?
Kwangmin: yes hyung ! I think i already love (insert ur name). . But i still don't want to tell her . .
Jeongmin: why ?
Kwangmin: i don't know hyung . . I just think it's not yet the right and also i want to be sure if this feeling is true -sighs-

-end of Chapter 7-
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