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#Imagine Chapter 6
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At the meeting place , when u and Tina where to approach the group, Hyunseong already saw you . .
Hyunseong: hey ! (insert ur name) is already here. And with someone . .

The 5 boys looked at u and Tina. Jeongmin approached you.
Jeongmin: ya (insert ur name) ! who is she ?
You: she ? my friend , Tina . . Tina he is Jeongmin.
Tina: oh, nice to mee u Jeongmin - lend her hand for shakehands-
Jeongmin: -approached her hand- nice to meet u too -smiles-
Tina: omo . .
You: why ?
Tina: nothing . . .yieeh !
You: haha, u look so happy. .
Tina: yes, i am. 

While talking , Donghyun shouted " come on ! Let's go ! " . So all the boys ride on their car while u and Tina ride on Youngmin's car together wit Kwangmin.

While on ur way , You and Kwangmin remains silent, something is awkward but Tina and Youngmin are talking to each other. They look like they are friends since before.
Tina: you know , i could do it.
Youngmin: really ?
Tina: yes ! U want to try .
Youngmin: no ! I don't want to die early because of ur punch.

And they both laugh, but u amd Kwangmin . . .hmmm . .still quiet.

When u arrived at the club , u all get ur orders and dance . The 5 boys asked Tina if they could dance with her. So Tina decided that she will dance with them at the same time. So they dance and dance and dance.

It's already 7pm and it feels like it's gonna rain because of thunder. Tina said she want to go home.
Tina: i nee to go home .
You: ok, i will stay here for a while. .
Tina: ok, bye chingus ! Have fun !
Youngmin: Tina , i will drive u home. .
Tina: is it ok. ?
Youngmin: yes, for you . .
Jeongmin: aigoo ! I can smell something fishy . .
Donghyun: me too ! Haha, i think we have another couple here .

Tina and Youngmin just looked at them while smiling. While u and Kwangmin are still not talking to each other .

After 30 minutes, u got bored 'coz Tina is already not there. .then . . Kwangmin approached you . .

Kwangmin: u want to go home?
You: honestly yes ,can i?
Kwangmin: sure,i will drive u home,i will just borrow Minwoo's car.
You: no,it's ok,i'll go home with myself.
Kwangmin: are u sure? It looks that it'll rain.
You: it's ok,i can manage myself..
You: ya chingus! I will go home! Paii! -wave ur hand at 5 boys-

You went outside the club.As u walk, raindrops fell on ur face.
You: omo!It's raining!

So u walk faster so that u could get into ur house quickly..But the raing poured so hard even more.You have no choice but to walk in the rain..

Kwangmin's POV
"oh!,it's raining already,i hope (insert ur name) is already at home."

While u,u got home already but u are so wet.You knocked on the door and Tina opened the door for u.
Tina: omo!u are so wet,Kwangmin didn't drive u here?
You: no,i told him not to do so,but why are u here?
Tina: ur mom called me!She said u're not already here!
You: really?She cared?u cared?
Tina: ofcourse! She is ur mom,and i am ur friend!
You: haha..but nothing to worry, i'm alrea-----

But before u finish what u are saying,u collapsed and fell on the floor.
Tina: omo!(insert ur name)!Wake up!Auntie!Auntie!(insert ur name) got collapsed.
Mom: -runs downstairs- omo!

Your mom and Tina got panic and don't know what to do,so Tina called Kwangmin.
Tina: hello,Kwangmin!
Kwangmin: yes?
Tina: (insert ur name) got collapsed because she walked in the rain,we don't know what to do!-panicking-
Kwangmin: what?! Ok!Ok!I'll be going there! -ended the call-

In the club..
Kwangmin: what?! Ok!ok!I'll be going there!-ended the call-

Kwangmin: Minwoo-shi, can i borrow ur car ?
Minwoo: wae ?
Kwangmin: don't ask , just let me borrow.
Minwoo: o. .ok . .

Kwangmin quickly run the car to go in to ur home . .

Meanwhile . .
Donghyun: is he going home ?
Minwoo: i don't know hyung . .
Hyunseong: he looks like in a hurry. .
Jeongmin: what's going on ?
Minwoo: we also don't know hyung . .

Kwangmin's POV.
"faster faster , i need to be there quickly , i will hate myself if something happened to (insert ur name)."

--brrroooom !!-
And Kwangmin drove his car so fast .

-end of Chapter 6-
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