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#Imagine Chapter 5
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After 2 days. . .
Youngmin: hey twin ! I heard that u and (insert ur name) are going out together.
Kwangmim: yes, u heard it right.
Minwoo: you have yeoja chingu hyung ?
Donghyun and Hyunseong: mwo ? Nuguya ?
Jeongmin: naega ! hahaha . .
Hyunseong: -pat Jeongmin's head-
Jeongmin: aigoo ! -caress his head-
Kwangmin: haha , i just to feel the feeling of having a girlfriend for just one month . .but i'm not taking her seriously. .
Youngmin: oh! Be careful , u might fall inlove with her.

Meanwhile . .
Tina: hey (insert ur name) ! U are going out with Kwangmin ?
You: yes why ?
Tina: is he ur boyfriend ?
You: yes, but i'm just pretending.
Tina: pretending ?
You: yes, and after 1 month , everything will be normal again.
Tina: how could that be ?
You: secret . .
Tina: ugh . .tell me , jebal -puppy eyes-
You: no way ! hahaha . .-mocked at Tina-

Suddenly . .
-kring ! kring ! kring !-
Your phone rings so u look at it who's calling and u saw "Kwangmin calling"
You: omo ! Kwangmin is calling !
Tina: then ? Answer him.
You: i don't want.
Tina: why ?
You: u forgot ? I hate that boy ! -shout-
Tina: you also forgot ? You're pretending as his girl ! -shout and knock ur head-
You: kyaaa!!

Still , your phone rings and u answer it.
You: yoboseyo ?
Kwangmin: hello (insert ur name) !
You: he. .hello Kwangmin.
Kwangmin: are u free today ?
You: for what ?
Kwangmin: me and my friends will hang-out , u should come with me.
You: what time ?
Kwangmin: 4pm , let's met at school.
You: arraseo ! -ended the call-

You looked at the clock to know what time is it. It's already 12:00noon ! So u prepared the things u should prepare.

After 4 hrs.
Tina: hey ! Where are u going (insert ur name)
You: neet Kwangmin and his group.
Tina: really ? Can i come ? -excited-
You: sure ! That's better, i have one to talk with.
Tina: kaja !
You: waah ! So fast ! Haha . . .kaja !

-end of Chapter 5-

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