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#Imagine Chapter 4
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Because of what Tina said, that a girl put the paint on ur car and not Kwangmin, u decided to apologize to Kwangmin . .

While on ur way going to school , u saw the 6 cool boys. They are talking with Kwangmin.
Jeongmin: what ?
Hyunseong: so u are now sharing with ur twin on his car ?
Kwangmin: unfortunately yes.
Youngmin: wae unfortunate ? U don't like me ? I like you ! -acting like a girl, trying to make his twin smile-
Kwangmin: stop it hyung ! -trying to be serious but he laugh-
Donghyun: u never failed to make ur twin happy Youngmin.
Youngmin: ofcourse hyung ! Hahaha . .

"should i talk to him now ? I'm really shy because of what i did. But i need to apologize. You can do it (insert ur name) ! Hwaiting !"

You took a deep breath and approach the group.
You: ahm, excuse me. .

But no ome of them heard u because they are all laughing. .
You: excuse me ! -shout-

They all got quiet and looked at you and it started u to feel nervous.
You: ahm, can i talk to Kwangmin ?

Kwangmin heard u but he did not looked at u so u went infront of him.
You: Kwangmin oppa, i'm so sorry for what i've done, i just lost my temper so i did not let u talk first. I'm really sorry. .
Kwangmin: -still quiet and the 5 boys left the two of u alone-
You: i'm sorry ! What should i do to make it up to u ?
Kwangmin: nothing, u've already done it.
You: i'm really sorry, if u want me to do something , i'll do it for u. .anything. .
Kwangmin: anything ?
You: yes.
Kwangmin: pretend to be my girl for 1 month.
You: mwo ?! Your girl ?!
Kwangmin: yes, u said anything right ? Just pretend, that's it.
You: but why ?
Kwangmin: -remains silent-

-end of Chapter 4-
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