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#Imagine Chapter 3
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You: come on Tina ! Let's eat here . .-pull out the chair and sit-
Tina: ok ! Let's eat !

But suddenly , Kwangmin went to ur table.
Kwangmin: excuse me ! That's my place.
You: your place ?! -shout-

Everyone at the canteen looks at you. .
You: will u repeat ? Your place ?!
Kwangmin: yes , my place ! So back-off ?
You: ok, u want drinks ?
Kwangmin: sure, u will give me ?
You: -grab Tina's drink and spill it to Kwangmin's face- here ! Enjoy ur drink ! .

Because of what u did , everyone is looking at u. .
Girl1: omo ! What did she do ?
Girl2: she is brave.
Boy: yes , really brave. .

Meanwhile , Kwangmin is really wet . .the 5 remaining boys approached him . .
Minwoo: hyung ! Gwaenchana ?
Kwangmin: gwaenchana !
Hyunseong: she is brave.
Kwangmin: -looked at Hyunseong- brave ? We'll see !

The next day . .

You are hurrying up because u are late again . But this time , 15 minutes late !
You: omo ! Faster , faster -walks faster- you get ur ID inside ur bag and wear it -something dropped but u didn't notice-

Kwangmin is just near u but u did not noticed because u are really in a hurry.

After class, u are going to go home. As u go to parking lot to ride ur car , u can see a shadow of a boy standing beside ur car. You hurry up going to the place and there u saw ur car full of red paint and Kwangmin is standing beside holding the key of ur car.
You: ya ! What did u do to my car ?
Kwangmin: me?! I was just here to----

But before he finish on what he want to say , u get the wood beside the trash can and . . . . .
-plak !!-
You hit the window of Kwangmin's ca, the window was broken. Because of the nois, other student's went to the place where u and Kwangmin are standing..

Boy1: what did she do ?
Boy2: i don't know , she ruined Kwangmin again , for the second time.
Boy3: poor girl, maybe tomorrow , she will not go to school . .
Boy1: why ?
Boy3: afraid of Kwangmin's revenge.
Boy2: i don't think so, i can see that she is brave enough to beat Kwangmin for the second time.

While . . .

Kwangmin: my car ! Omo ! Why u did that ?
You: just because u ruined my car .
Kwangmin: but i'm just here to give u your ----

Again , before Kwangmin finish on what he says , u get the key in his hand and start ur car and drive it away.

After u leave , Minwoo, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin and Youngmin came.
Youngmin: twin ! What happened to ur car ?
Kwangmin: that girl broke it.
Donghyun: why ?
Kwangmin: i don't know, i just wait her to give her key because she dropped it.
Jeongmin: that's all ?
Kwangmin: ofcourse hyung !


"that boy ! I really hate him ! Who is he to put paint on my car and get my key without my permission ?! Arghh !! Hate him ! "

The next day . .
Tina: ya ! (insert ur name) , have u chase the girl who put paint on ur car ?
You: girl ? He's a boy !
Tina: huh ? Where can u see boy wearing skirt and make-up ?
You: what ?!
Tina: Kwangmin's stalker did it to ur car because u spilled my drink to Kwangmin's face.
You: o. . .o. . .omo ! a stalker did it ? Not Kwangmin ?
Tina: yes ! even Kwangmin is known to be rude , he is still gentle with girls .
You: omo ! -bite your fingers-

-end of chapter 3-
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