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#imagine Chapter 2
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You are walking along the corridor with Tina (your new friend) when suddenly you both noticed that everyone in thd corridor went so quiet and all moved beside. You saw six cool boys walking in the middle while the other students remain silent while just looking at them.
You: who are they ?
Tina: they are the most loved but scared group here.
You: loved but scared ?
Tina: yes , loved because of their looks but scared because of their group leader who is known to be so rude -pointin at Kwangmin- unlike his twin -pointing at Youngmin-
You: really ? Who's their leader ?
Tina: Jo Kwang Min, the one with brown hair.
You: -you looked for the one who has brown hair-

After seeing the boy , u remember that he is the boy who you met at the parking lot last day.
You: omo ! He is the leader ?
Tina: yes , why ?
You: hmm . .nothing . .but there's nothing to be afraid of them.
Tina: there is ! Babo ! If you've done something that they don't like, they will make u feel hell ! That's why no one tries to beat them up.

While Tina is talking, the 6 boys passed u by and u saw Kwangmin looking at u.
You: -talking quietly- omo ! Did he remember my face ? Whatever ! Anyway , i'm not afraid of him.
Tina: mwo ? Are u saying something ?
You: no . .-pout- i'm not talking here . .-covering ur mouth-

Lunch time ~

You went outside with Tina to buy some food. You saw the 6 boys also buying their food for lunch at the canteen. .
You: oh ! The 6 rude boys are here !
Tina: sshh ! Shut ur mouth, they could hear u !
You: and so ? They will kill me ?
Tina: maybe . .

Jo Kwang Min's POV
Kwangmin: chingu-ya ! She's here.
Donghyun: ntgu ?
Kwangmin: the girl who ruined me last day.
Minwoo: at the parking lot ?
Kwangmin: yes.
Jeongmin: so what will u do now ?
Kwangmin: i will ruin her too ! . .

-end of Chapter 2- 
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