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#Imagine Chapter 10 (last)
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The next day. .

You went to school with Drake . . .

Meanwhile . .
Minwoo: hyung ! kaja ! Ppali !
Kwangmin: where ?
Minwoo: follow me, i have something to show u. .

Minwoo brought Kwangmin in a room with many pictures of you and Drake.
Kwangmin: what are these ? Are u trying to slap on my face that (insert ur name) already have namja ?

Minwoo did not answer instead, a voice did it.
Voice: no.

Kwangmin looked for the owner of the voice and saw Drake at the door. Drake approached Kwangmin.
Drake: i'm here to----

But before Drake continued , Kwangmin turns back and tried to go out of the room when . .
Drake: let me explain, i am not (insert ur name)'s namja !

Kwangmin stopped walking and face Drake.
Drake: yes, u heard it right, i'm not her boyfriend.
Kwangmin: then who are u ?
Drake: i'm her cousin and i think u misinterpret everything.
Kwangmin: then why are u saying this all to me ?
Drake: because i know now that u love (insert ur name) and for u to know, shd also loves u.
Kwangmin: she also loves me ? -his heart beats fast-

Then a voice answered. .
Voice: yes ! I love u too Kwangmin.

Kwangmin looked for the owner of the voice and there he saw u standing behind him.
Kwangmin: (insert ur name). . . . -surprised-
You: yes , i am. I'm sorry to hurt u , sorry if u misunder----

You stopped on what u are saying when Kwangmin put his lips on ur lips. You are shocked on what Kwangmin did.

Then the 4 remaining boys came out where they are hiding. Tina also came.

Minwoo, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Youngmin, Jeongmin and Tina: chukahae !!! -shout-
Drake: i'm happy for u my cousin. .

Then Kwangmin and u hugged each other.
Kwangmin: so u are now totally my girl. .
You: yes, i am.-smiles-

Again , Kwangmin kissed u on forehead, then on nose, and lastly , on ur lips. .

At the end of the day, u celebrated for the new growth of ur relationship together with Youngmin and Tina.

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