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#Imagine Chapter 1
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"(insert ur name) ! wake up ! It's time for school !" , your mom wakes u up . .
You: ugh ! 5 minutes more !
Mom: no ! You should get up now ! -get ur hand and pull you up-
You: -release your mom's hand- ok ! I will get up !

While preparing ur things and urself . . .
Mom: (insert ur name) ppali ! You should be early today 'coz it's ur first day as a transferee.

After hearing what ur mom said , u quickly fixed ur things . .
You: omo ! Omo ! I forgot it's my first day ! -combs ur hair faster and go downstairs-
You: mom , where is my key ?
Mom: i don't know , it's ur car not mine.
You: aigoo ! what the heck ! I hate u key ! -you go back to ur room and find ur key-

But u suddenly heard your car beeping. "Your car is ready!", your dad shouted. You quickly go downstairs again and went outside.
You: gomawo appa !
Dad: ok, take care !
You: sure -smiles- mom ! I'll go ! -shout-

You started the car and run it . You keep on driving but u noticed that u are 10 minutes late , so u hurry up driving.

When u came to ur school's parking lot , there's also a boy who will park his car but there's only one space left for student's parking. So u went outside of ur car to please the boy to let u park ur car first because u are already late on ur first subject .

You walked into the car and knocked at the window and the boy inside opened it. . .

You: excuse me , can i park my car first ? I'm in a hurry. .
Boy: no , that's my space.
You: but i really need to go , can i ? -trying to calm ur voice-
Boy: i said no ! Back-off.
You: -you lose ur temper so u turn back and go to ur car and park it on the only parking space left-
Boy: -went outside his car- you ! I sai that's my space !
You: why ? Is ur name written there ?
Boy: but i usually park my car here !
You: but from now on , that space is not yours ! It's for everyone -turn back and left the boy alone-

Boy's POV(point of view)
"pssh ! I hate that girl ! Who is she do do this to me ? She doesn't know me ? I'm Jo Kwang Min , the most popular boy in this school and no one beats me off like she did ! Just wait for ur day babo girl ."

The next day . .
Kwangmin talks to his friends namely Minwoo, Hyunseong, Donghyun, and Jeongmin including his twin Youngmin.
Kwangmin: you know , there's one yeoja yesterday who parked her car on my parking space.
Minwoo: really hyung ?
Youngmin: hahaha , maybe that girl hates u twin.
Kwangmin: i don't think so , every girl loves me here !
Jeongmin: haha, so why did she did that ?
Donghyun: maybe that girl doesn't know u .
Kwangmin: it can't be , everyone in this school knows me, knows us.
Hyunseong: maybe she is from other school .
Kwangmin: you think so ? If so , i will make her know me !!!

-end of Chapter 1- 
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