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First love
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Boyfriend came to your country for a fanmeet. Each of them were to choose one fan from the crowd. Youngmin walked towards you and grabbed your hand. You were stunned and you froze. He then grabbed your waist and pulled you up on stage. He gave you a wink and chuckled at your expression. After the song, it was Donghyun solo and you were supposed to go back to the moshpit but instead, Youngmin brought you backstage. He pulled you to the dressing room and said "Wait for me here, I will be back in a bit" you didn't reply as you were shocked and didn't know how to react. He ran back to the stage. After a few minute, he was back, perspiring. You stood up and took a tissue to wipe his sweat. You both smiled to one another. He said thank you after you wiped his sweat for him. He grabbed your hand and pulled you back on stage to perform his solo song. He gave you several eye contacts that that made other fangirls scream. After his solo, it was Minwoo's solo. He once again held your hand and pulled you backstage and talked to you. He said "It's gonna end soon, let's have dinner together after this, shall we?" You answered "Sure.." You wanted to scream but you tried to control as you know that your screaming pitch will make him cover his ears. After the fanmeet, he asked for your name but you refused to tell him. He saw your wallet on the dressing room table and opened it. He said "Hmm, how should pronounce your name? Its too difficult.. Nevermind, I shall call you yeobo" When you heard the word "yeobo", you stopped moving around. You didn't know how to react to his sweet and charming voice. Soon, the rest of the members came in the dressing room and saw you with Youngmin. Kwangmin then walked forward and shook your hand. They introduced themselves to you one by one. Youngmin said "this is my yeobo, all of you can't call her that already!" You looked at him and he turned to you and smiled. You suggested to them to eat chilli crab and they all agreed. After dinner, they were already very tired so they decided to head back to the hotel. You told them that you'll have to leave now but Youngmin said that he'll book another hotel room for you. You said "It's okay, I can go home and sleep." He still objected so you didn't have a choice but to follow them back to the hotel. When the 7 of you reached the hotel, Youngmin went to the counter and asked for another room but the hotel was fully booked so, he said "I'll share a room with yeobo, Donghyun hyung, do you mind sleeping with others please?" Donghyun nodded. When you both were in the room, Youngmin told you to take a bath while he sits in front of the television. When you were done bathing, Youngmin was asleep on the sofa. You tried to wake him up but failed. So, you took a blanket to cover him and then you went to bed. The next morning, he was beside you, staring into your eyes. You jumped up and accidentally knocked his head. You apologized to him many times. He forgave you and asked you to wash up. When you came out of the bathroom, he was at the balcony looking at the view. You suddenly had the urge to hug him so you went towards him and place your hands around his waist. He turned to you and pull you forward to enjoy the view with him.

c/r: Kpop Imagine
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