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A Winter to Remember
Saturday, June 15, 2013 | 2 comments

"What do you mean you can't make it?" Elly asked into the phone, a bit irritated.
"I have to work on Christmas Day, Elly," Youngmin answered.

"Can't you take the day off?" Elly asked.
"I can't. I'm sorry, Elly," Youngmin answered.
"This is our first Christmas together and you bail out on me?" Elly asked.
"I can't ditch work," Youngmin answered.
"Youngmin, you promised me that you were going to spend Christmas Day with me," Elly said in a calm tone. 
"I'm sorry, Elly," Youngmin apologized.
"Youngmin, if work is more important than being able to spend Christmas with me, then fine," Elly said. With that, she closed her phone and sighed. She was really looking forward to watching snow falling with her boyfriend, Youngmin. But then Youngmin is always the serious type. She always backed off when he had to work. Her one wish was to spend time with Youngmin. As she got up and looked out the window, she felt her wish collapsing. Elly turned to the calendar and saw that it was December 23. Two more days and she would be able to spend time with him but as of now, the wish may never come true. She turned to the window and realized that maybe she could give him her present tomorrow. She started smiling but then she remembered that Youngmin told her to never visit him at work. She never understood why but she obeyed what he said. She started going to kitchen and cooking food. As she sat down with her food, she felt a tear come out of her eye. The tear dropped onto her food. She took a bite of her food and couldn't suppress it anymore. Tears started dropping and Elly just didn't eat anymore. She started crying and wondering if Youngmin even cared for her. Three hours past and Elly realized that she was tired. She washed her plate and went to her bedroom and slept. She didn't feel comfortable sleeping on her bed so she stalked to the living room and slept on the couch. Her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep. She noticed that there were many things that she didn't know about Youngmin. Elly just knew that maybe that she and Youngmin weren't suited for each other. But she didn't want to consider that option. As she slept, she felt someone put a blanket over her. Then, she felt a warm hand on her forehead. "I'm sorry, Elly," a familiar voice murmured. She realized that it was Youngmin. She was about to open her eyes but then she felt warm lips on her forehead. She then felt that her cheeks were red. "Elly...I wish I could skip work but there's always a reason why I don't spend time with you," Youngmin said. Elly didn't respond but she knew that what Youngmin said was true. He had a way of doing things his own way. She heard the door shut. Elly kept her eyes closed and hoped that Youngmin would be able to talk to her face to face.

December 25:

Elly came from her workplace, tired. She started walking to the park. She remembered the first promise that Youngmin and she made when they went to the park. But ever since Youngmin made his debut, he had no rest and had to keep working hard. The fans loved him but she knew that inside he was hers. Youngmin once told his twin, Kwangmin, that she wasn't a thing, she was a human being. Then he came over and kissed her on the cheek. She remembered blushing and Youngmin looking at Kwangmin. He said, "She isn't your girlfriend. She's mine so don't touch her." Kwangmin then backed off with a surprised look. "Is that so?" he asked. Youngmin didn't answer but then he dragged Elly out of there and told her that he loved her. But that was in the past. Now it may be different. As she looked for a bench to sit down, she realized how dark it became. Elly found a bench and sat down. She was holding a cake that she made for Youngmin. She sighed sadly. "I hope that he's well right now," she said aloud. 
"Who's he?" a voice asked. Elly widened her eyes and turned to see someone bundled up in clothes. "Who are you?" she asked.
"You don't need to know but you seem sad," the stranger answered. Elly turned and hung her head down. "I guess you can say that," she said.
"Did someone leave you heartbroken?" the stranger asked.
"Yeah...," Elly answered. The stranger sat down next to her. "Sometimes, letting go may be the best choice but in this case, I don't think you should let him go," the stranger said.
"True, but he doesn't seem like he wants to spend time with me," she said.
"That may be the case but you can't tell from expressions. People's expressions don't reveal everything," the stranger said.
"...Yeah but how come he puts work before me then?" Elly asked.
"There are secrets that he may be want to hide," the stranger answered. Elly started thinking that the stranger was very interesting to talk but then she realized that he seemed to know a lot. She just couldn't tell. "What kind of secrets do you think he is hiding?" she asked.
"Maybe wanting to pretend he isn't working and probably somewhere with someone," the stranger answered. Elly thought it was odd but she started trusting him but then she thought that the stranger is not telling her the right advice. "You can trust me, Elly," the stranger said.
"Well...wait a minute, how do you know what I was thinking?" Elly asked, shocked that he somehow knew what she was thinking.
"Your face tells it all, Elly," the stranger answered.
"The only one who can tell what I'm thinking is...!" Elly stopped midsentence, realizing who it is. She pointed at the stranger. "Kwangmin!" she exclaimed. The stranger started taking off his jacket and his hat. "Apparently, I was found out rather quickly," he said.
"What do you want?" Elly asked.
"I'm testing my brother," Kwangmin answered.
"How?" Elly asked.
"Yah! Kwangmin! What are you thinking?!" a voice yelled. Elly turned and saw that it was Youngmin running towards them. Kwangmin stood up and started running. "I'm impressed, brother. You actually came," he said.
"That's because you sent me a text saying that you were hugging Elly!" Youngmin answered, angry. Kwangmin started laughin and Youngmin followed but Elly stood up and hugged Youngmin for behind. "Youngmin oppa. He didn't touch me at all," she said. Youngmin turned and looked down at her. "He didn't?" he asked.
"He didn't," she answered. She grabbed his arm and dragged him back to the bench. "Oppa. I made you a cake," she said, holding out the box. Youngmin looked at her, surprised. "It was homemade?" he asked. Elly nodded and Youngmin smiled. "This is the first time I got something homemade. Thank you, Elly," he said. 
"Well...I'm going back home," she said. Elly started walking away but Youngmin grabbed her arm. "Elly...I'll tell you why I didn't want to spend time with you today," he said. Elly didn't turn around but she just nodded. "Okay," she said.
"I wanted to save up to buy you a present," Youngmin said. Elly turned and widened her eyes. "Ehh? You bought me something?" she asked. Youngmin held out a box to her. It was a small one. Elly looked at it questionly. She opened the box a teeny bit and saw a glittering sapphire ring. She gasped and looked at Youngmin. "You got me a ring?" she whispered, amazed. Youngmin nodded and Elly's tears started coming. "Thank you, oppa," she whispered. She couldn't believe that he got her a ring. Youngmin wrapped his arms around her head and said, "Elly. I wanted to give you a memorable present and wanted to make this day special. I'm sorry if you don't feel that it was special because of my work." Elly stared out to the endless black sky. "It's okay. This was best winter I ever had. This winter is going to be something that I will remember well," she said. With that, they both sat down on the bench and suddenly Youngmin kissed Elly. Elly's face turned red but she was so happy. 
c/r: Nicki Chin, Thank you for this imagine :)
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