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Gwiyomi versi Afiq ^^
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 | 2 comments

Hey guys. Today I'm so bored.so i decided to make this gwiyomi gif. errr. But I'm not much gwiyomi like others. So Elly hanya mampu buat gwiyomi versi Afiq. Actually gwiyomi ni Elly dengan BFF Elly yang buat masa dalam kelas. Hope you guys enjoy and please leave your comment kk. sayonara ^^

I know i'm not beautiful as you. But this is who I am. Err. Gwiyomi version Afiq is gwiyomi version hindu k. Err. please don't get mad!!!! I'm so sorrrrrryyyyyy :/

Yeahh I know it doesn't clear enough. I'm using webcam. Sorry if you can't see my ugly face. grrr. but when you meet me in real, I'm kawaii enough ^^ yeahh a bit perasan :))))

p/s: please do not bash me. I made this just for fun k. Sorry if you get mad and please stay mad. byebye :)

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