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boyfriend comeback !!!!
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According to the members, what type of girls will suit which Boyfriend member?


Youngmin: Leader’s mature, and so a mature female will suit him.
Jeongmin: A sexy female.
Kwangmin: Uh…a young and charming female. I feel that rather than being sexy, a type of girl like this is more suitable.
Hyunseong: A very sexy female.
Minwoo: A bad girl. Donghyun mentioned it himself, a girl who’s cold to everyone around her, and will only treat herself well, something like that.


Donghyun: Because Hyunseong is very gentle, so the girl should be soft and gentle, I think that is enough.
Youngmin: Hyunseong has a very pure personality, so I think that the girl should also be pure. 
Jeongmin: A girl who will only think of Hyunseong hyung.
Kwangmin: A girl who’s honest and reliable. 
Minwoo: A girl who will wholeheartedly only think of Hyunseong hyung. Because he’s also someone who will devote himself wholeheartedly, but yet wouldn’t approach the girl too aggressively(?), and so I feel that looking from the big picture, the girl should love him deeply with all her heart.


Donghyun: A girl who loves music, with similar interests as Jeongmin.
Youngmin: Because Jeongmin is very soft and gentle, I think he’ll treat a girl who has a cold personality, opposite of himself, better. 
Kwangmin: A cheerful girl.
Hyunseong: A lively and cute girl, because Jeongmin is hyper and active himself, they will enjoy being with one another.
Minwoo: A girl with a passive personality, opposite of his own, so he’ll be able to say funny things to make her happy and make her laugh. Shouldn’t it be like this?


Donghyun: An interesting girl, because Youngmin’s too boring (laughs).
Jeongmin: Because Youngmin is a cute type, I feel that an older female will suit him better.
Kwangmin: An upright female.
Hyunseong: A mature female who can guide Youngmin.
Minwoo: A girl who’s like a friend. Wouldn’t an innocent and cute girl suit him better? But usually he seems to like a girl who’s like a friend, with a simple and optimistic personality.


Donghyun: Because Kwangmin is like a kid, I think a mature girl who’s of the opposite would suit him the best.
Youngmin: Because Kwangmin’s 4D and uniquely special, so a girl who has a similar personality would most probably suit him the best.
Jeongmin: A girl with an innocent personality.
Hyunseong: A girl who is mature, and yet has a similar unique and 4D personality like Kwangmin.
Minwoo: A girl who’s like an elder sister. Because Kwangmin is weak and childish, I feel that a girl who’s able to protect and watch over him will suit him best.


Donghyun: A pretty girl, because Minwoo likes pretty girls. (Minwoo: it’s not like that~!)
Youngmin: Because he likes to do aegyo a lot, so I think an older female will suit him more. 
Jeongmin: A girl who’s as cute as Minwoo.
Kwangmin: A calm person. Because Minwoo has too much charm, it might annoy the girl. 
Hyunseong: A girl who’s cute and has a lot of charm like Minwoo.

(Cr. chi-trans via 诺kaikai; eng-trans via @starshiplanet)
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