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Merapu sekejap k.
Thursday, April 4, 2013 | 0 comments

Moshi-moshi. Lama seh Elly tak update blog. Maklumlah masa limit gila. Takda masa. Sebab? Macam biasalah ada training netball dekat sekolah. Minggu depan dahnak lawan dah. Esok pulak ada friendly match. Harap-haraplah sekolah Elly menang :>

Btw, Esok sekolah Elly cuti. So bila cuti masa tuh freelah sikit. Masa free bosan pula Elly. So Elly pon bukak lah FB and Elly jumpa banyak sangat gambar Youngmin. Tengok punya tengok, ada 3 gambar yang boleh buat dialog merapu. Nak tengok? Jom.

STARSHIP DIRECTOR: Now, go! You are late Youngmin!
YOUNGMIN: No, I must meet my wife first. Then I'll go to the plane!

STARSHIP DIRECTOR: No, you can't! You must go! You'll be late !!!!!
YOUNGMIN: I said I must to see Elly! She's my wife! She will miss me when I go without saying I love her! Let me see her!
MINWOO: Let's go. Let's go ^^

YOUNGMIN: Elly my lovely wife. Please don't miss me when I am in Korea. Take care of yourself. Don't be dishonest with me. Saranghae :)

One month later....
ME: Youngminsan, Kimi ni aitakute :(

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